Free coffee trial week?

Free coffee trial week? A few months ago, as I often do, I took advantage of a coffee trial on offer by my local Starbucks, but they had closed before I could ask too many questions… so this week I got two bags of coffee beans to try out!

What I didn’t know about coffee beans…

For some reason I had a feeling it was going to be good… And now I have the opportunity to compare my impression of one of the best coffee makers that has come onto the market in years.

Free coffee trial
Free coffee trial. I always start with the free trial

But, first, lets focus on the coffees. I’ve got a bag of two types of French Roast. It’s not my usual kind of coffee, but then again this is the first trial I’ve got with coffee so I was a bit uncertain how it’d work out.

First thoughts: very, very good. It’s very rich indeed, but I like it. There’s just the right number of oils in the beans that cut through the oil but don’t overpower it. I’m finding the darker French Roast a little sweeter, but that’s the way I prefer it, and this was the first trial – I will need to try this again with lighter roast for it to come across how I’d like. I can’t explain it, it really tastes like it’s there, it’s not just a dark flavor, but really the coffee has a presence.

For reference, I use a Clever Coffee Dripper. This has been designed for people who like really strong coffee – stronger than you’ll find in a normal drip coffee maker. It starts at 65°C, and can go up to 180°C. 

Free coffee trial

I always start with the free trial, then if it’s a product I’ll order. Otherwise, I try a lot of samples on myself before I buy a product. In this case, a free sample of a sample coffee.

I’m not a coffee connoisseur, but I have to say – I really liked it. I love the smell of fresh coffee that’s roasted. 

It was really bitter, but I also liked that about it. There was sort of an earthy type of aftertaste in the coffee. It felt really good. There was also that hint of sweetness that you get in tea as well. The chocolate was delicious! You just want to taste the chocolate every time you’re drinking this coffee. 

The texture was really nice. It was creamy and sort of thick in some areas but it was also smooth like velvet in other parts. I really liked the texture. You could almost feel the sweetness in your mouth. 

The whole package was delicious! The coffee was definitely really strong, but I wouldn’t say it was harsh on the palate. It was not too thick and very refreshing. I did not get any sort of headache, which I’m really happy about. I really wanted to like it more! It was just missing something on my palate. I just really want to have more of this one in my life.

Free coffee trial and a bagel, anyone?

I have never spent this much money on coffee before, but today I found out about a new coffee subscription service. This week, for instance, I got the option to try this coffee for two weeks, and for five dollars a month, I’ll get a bagel with cream cheese, a small latte and a scone. I got a free coffee when I signed up — I hope this was a sign of things to come — and then I was sent a confirmation email letting me know that I will be billed on the 2nd Monday of the month.

A bagel with cream cheese and a small latte for five bucks a month. I’m soooooogonna get this!

I’m not kidding. So, I just might go ahead and try this for two weeks. I would have to say that I’m not a coffee drinker. I’ve never actually liked the taste of coffee. But this is good! I’m excited. I’m about to try this for two weeks. But what do you think?

It's a great way to try out the business

The free coffee offer is not new but it is a great way to try out the business. For example if you are looking to start a coffee shop or to add a café in your city you can grab this free coffee trial. However, make sure to choose a location that has lots of foot traffic and is close to an area where there is already a need for a coffee shop. There are many examples that you can get that will help you out.

Coffee is a necessity in life, and when you need a good cup of joe, you’ll probably want to get your caffeine fix at a great location! 

If you don’t want to learn how to make your own beverages, you can head over to coffee shops near you. They have really nice coffee and their owners are really passionate about serving great coffee. Not only do they offer a free sample to anyone who comes in, but they also offer discounts on your next visit.

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