Can you drink coffee while pregnant?

This is a common question that is asked online and I get to answer this question in a couple of ways. Can you drink coffee while pregnant?

Can you drink coffee while pregnant?
So can I drink coffee while pregnant? Definitely yes!

First, the short answer is that there is not much to worry about regarding drinking coffee during pregnancy. Coffee consumption is not harmful to your baby. However, the risk of being born with a defect does rise slightly in the case of consumption of caffeine during the first trimester.

Can you drink coffee while pregnant?

In fact, caffeinated drinks should be avoided during the first trimester, but you can consume decaffeinated coffee or tea during this time.

What should you avoid while drinking coffee or tea?

If you are consuming any drink, that contains more than 100 mg of caffeine, like coffee and teas, then you should avoid this during the first trimester.

For any other drinks just a small dose doesn’t really mean much. The real problem is the effects of caffeine once you start consuming coffee or tea in large quantities. 

What kind of beverages are safe for you to drink while pregnant?

This is one of the most asked questions. For the most part, you can drink whatever beverage you want while pregnant as long as it doesn’t contain caffeine and the amount consumed does not create a problem.

You can enjoy your own tea or coffee, as it doesn’t contain any toxins and the amount consumed does not have any effect on the health of your baby. You do need to avoid consumption of coffee and tea during the first trimester, as mentioned above.

We would like to recommend you to have any kind of beverage after the second trimester. The effects of caffeine on fetal development is not at all dangerous but the consequences of it reaching the mother, which can cause miscarriage can be dangerous.

What is the difference between decaffeinated and regular coffee?

A decaffeinated drink doesn’t have any caffeine in it. However, they usually contain some natural additives which means they can sometimes have their own negative effects. You need to make sure you drink decaffeinated coffee to avoid any negative effects. 

Because of this, we suggest you to have decaffeinated drinks over the drinks with actual caffeine. Our favorite is the decaf coffee with natural ingredients. However, it is recommended that you look up the natural additives on the label to ensure there are none.

Is there any risk in drinking decaffeinated coffee?

To be honest, decaffeinated drinks have no risks or negative effects in the long run. If you are looking to reduce or eliminate caffeine completely, you can opt for decaffeinated drinks.

Is it safe to use herbal teas during pregnancy?

Yes, herbal teas are great if you want to avoid caffeine completely. With that in mind, you can still drink herbal tea. Some of them can even have caffeine but we recommend that you try herbal teas.

Is drinking coffee during pregnancy dangerous?

Drinking coffee during pregnancy is perfectly fine. However, you should be sure to consume no more than two cups of coffee per day, not more.

Why should you avoid coffee?

Coffee has a lot of benefits during pregnancy, but drinking it too much can lead to excessive stretch in the uterus which could lead to miscarriage.

So can I drink coffee while pregnant? Definitely yes! Just be careful. I suggest you be careful.

How to drink coffee while pregnant

Most experts agree there is no reason to cut caffeine out of your diet when pregnant. But be aware of how much caffeine you are consuming and if you have a sensitive pregnancy.

Coffee not only raises a man's blood pressure, but it raises blood pressure for some women, too. If that is the case, then a coffee drinker has more pre-eclampsia risk during pregnancy.

If you take blood pressure medication, drinking caffeine can alter the amount of medication you receive, and some studies show that caffeine can slow down the medication or it even may be unsafe to drink.

If you are using a blood thinner (warfarin) or NSAIDS (like ibuprofen), then you will have to monitor your dosage if you start drinking caffeine.

What should I drink?

You can drink coffee or tea in a health-safe way. But avoid energy drinks. And if you love your coffee, drink it in moderation.

A cup of coffee can be enjoyed by a woman who is pregnant and nursing. A baby and mom need to eat and drink healthy but there are certain conditions that needs to be followed in order to consume coffee. The benefits that you can get from having a cup of coffee are enormous when you know what to expect from it. A pregnant woman can enjoy her daily drink which is one of the most important pleasures in life for any woman who is expecting.

The truth about caffeine is that there are certain amounts of caffeine which is considered safe and should be included in the diet. That safe amount for a pregnant woman is a maximum of 200 mg. 

Benefits from drinking coffee

Coffee is a drink that has very many benefits that you should consume if you want to have an enjoyable pregnancy and it is also beneficial for the health of the newborn baby and the baby. If you are thinking about drinking a cup of coffee while pregnant, there are some guidelines which have to be followed in order to avoid any side effects of drinking this drink.

Side effects of coffee

It is very essential to know how the caffeine in coffee can affect you while you are pregnant.

 Drinking coffee during pregnancy can enhance your baby’s neurological development and that helps make sure that they do not have any long-term problems as you may face later when they grow up. 

If you are planning to have another baby, it is very important to know if the caffeine and other ingredients in coffee could harm your baby. For instance, if you add more than two cups of coffee per day during pregnancy, it can reduce the birth weight of the baby.

Drinking coffee can also affect your baby’s heart rate at birth; therefore, you should avoid consuming more than two cups of coffee during pregnancy. There are no side effects on your baby if you consume less than two cups of coffee per day while you are pregnant; however, consuming more than two cups of coffee per day may reduce the birth weight of the newborn baby.

Caffeine and other caffeine containing drinks can affect your mood. For instance, it can cause restlessness and even insomnia if you drink more than two cups of coffee per day.

It is also very important to keep yourself hydrated by drinking enough water while you are pregnant because drinking a cup of coffee during pregnancy can reduce the birth weight of the baby if you drink three cups of coffee or more per day. It is recommended that you consume only one cup of coffee during your entire pregnancy, so as to have a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Although consuming more than two cups of coffee may affect your baby’s birth weight, coffee is quite good for your health. Coffee can reduce the chances of developing gallstones, a common digestive problem for pregnant women. 

Also, drinking coffee during the first trimester of pregnancy can be good for your baby’s brain development. However, it is very important that you drink enough water. Thus, reducing the chances of developing constipation. 


However, drinking coffee during pregnancy is quite natural and doesn’t have any negative effects on your health; however, you should drink it in moderation. Drinking coffee should be stopped four to six weeks before delivery for most women. In case you have any problem while you are pregnant, consult with your doctor or midwife to know what you can and cannot do to keep yourself and your baby safe. Also, if you feel that your appetite increases if you drink too much coffee during pregnancy, you should try to regulate it to avoid unnecessary weight gain.

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