Does green tea help with weight loss?

Does green tea help you lose weight? In a short study published in the Journal of Consumer Research, a group of researchers had study participants drink a beverage containing green tea.

Does green tea help with weight loss?
Does green tea help with weight loss? Green tea is a popular drink these days, and for good reason – it contains powerful ingredients that can have a variety of health benefits.

According to the researchers, participants who drank the green tea experienced weight loss, and also reduced the number of calories they ate, suggesting that it may have helped them to maintain a healthier weight.

Other studies, however, have found no link between the beverage and weight loss.

In one such study, participants were split into two groups and put on a diet. One group was advised to drink two cups of green tea each day, while the other group were asked to only drink regular water.

Both groups lost weight initially, but those who drank the green tea continued losing more weight than their water-only counterparts. The researchers speculated that the green tea might be the cause of this difference.

Green tea has a long history of use

Green tea has been used for centuries in Eastern medicine. One theory about why it was used in the first place is that it was supposed to improve one's ability to lose weight.

Many cultures in Asia consume green tea regularly. The Japanese are particularly fond of the beverage, and often drink it as a breakfast beverage. Tea is typically associated with food in this region of the world, so people drink it with meals to help satisfy hunger.

Green tea has some potential health benefits because of its antioxidant content, but the real benefits from drinking it often lie in its ability to help you lose weight.

But what does the science say?

Although there aren't many studies done on green tea and weight loss, there are several studies on this topic.

The research to this point has generally found that the beverage, like other herbal teas, does not lead to weight loss. One of the leading reasons why the beverage may not make you lose weight is because it contains caffeine, which is known to increase your body's metabolism, thus potentially increasing fat burning, increasing your appetite, and making you feel more energetic.

These benefits seem to be the result of the increased caffeine in tea, and not just green tea specifically.

However, green tea, at high doses, does seem to have the effect of helping some people lose weight. Most of the research has focused on women, so if you are concerned about the weight loss properties of green tea, talk to your doctor to see if it is safe for you to drink the tea with your meals.

Does green tea help with weight loss?

Green tea has always had a strong reputation for detoxification and has been used to treat many of the same problems that coffee and nicotine have been used to treat, however, its ability to do so may be more a misconception than anything else. Most teas, including green tea are loaded with caffeine but this is in a low enough level (5mg per 16 fl oz serving) to be non-habit forming and this has led many to believe that it has the ability to clean the liver and make us more efficient when it comes to burning calories.

Studies have shown that green tea (along with caffeine), are capable of stimulating the nervous system (which is the part of the body that controls calorie burning and hunger) and also the hormones that are responsible for regulating blood sugar and making sure that we break down more calories so that we absorb them more efficiently.

This combination is capable of burning off far more calories than its caffeine content would suggest; this is particularly true when it is prepared with milk.

This means that we can safely drink green tea instead of coffee to help us burn more calories and it can even offer the same level of stimulation that coffee does so we can burn off more when we need to.

However, these claims (or the lack thereof) have never been proven. If you want to know the truth about green tea and weight loss, we’ve put together the following article that will help clear up any misconceptions that you may have and reveal the full extent of green tea’s ability to kick-start your metabolism and detoxify your body.

What are the best green teas for weight loss?

What you will need to consider when choosing the best green tea for weight loss and detoxification is the fact that it will be a combination of leaves, flowers, stems and seeds.

A good high-quality green tea will also have a higher content of polyphenols, catechins, chlorophyll, amino acids, vitamins and minerals that can all help to speed up metabolism and help with weight loss.

As long as you’re looking for one of the best weight loss green teas, the following are the options that are going to be best for the job.


While green tea is usually consumed as just an infusion, or drunk alone, it can be made to be even more delicious by being mixed with powdered Japanese-grown green tea – the most popular type of tea in Japan. This form of green tea is known as matcha and is used in numerous types of cuisine for its health benefits.

It comes in its raw form but is usually mixed with powdered sugar and milk to make a light-brown beverage. It is also used for a wide variety of purposes throughout the world and is one of the most popular in Japanese cuisine.

The addition of milk means that it’s great for those who want a more creamy beverage and can have it both as a beverage and in the form of a cake.


As its name implies, this tea is produced from fermented tea. The type of kombucha that you’ll want to be using is the white version, which is not to be confused with the ‘black’ variety. The reason for choosing this form is that it is much stronger than any other and will make a much better detox drink.

As a result of its caffeine and amino acid content, it can help to boost metabolism, but it also contains natural sugars, that will help to suppress appetite to help keep you healthy and lean. The best part about kombucha is that it can be extremely low in carbs and is considered a natural probiotic.

How to Lose Weight With Green Tea and Detox

One of the things to consider with all green tea is that it can be very bitter in the raw form, and people who regularly use it may tend to only drink it with a little added sugar, and/or with an additional splash of milk.

If you’re looking to use it for weight loss, you can add a cinnamon stick or a few drops of honey, and you’ll get an equally effective beverage.

The caffeine in green tea can be beneficial in terms of weight loss, but it also should be noted that the caffeine can give the body a little jolt of energy. In the case of detox or weight loss, you want to have a light snack as soon as you’re finished drinking your green tea to keep from getting a sudden cravings for a sugar-filled snack.

As a drink, it can also help prevent some of the side effects associated with fasting. In this way, it can be a double-benefit drink, as you’ll be doing it for a particular reason.

If you simply drink it without any added ingredients, green tea will help slow down the digestion process, and this can help you in weight loss. That being said, that’s not the only way green tea is helpful with weight loss. It also helps the body rid itself of toxins, and that helps burn off more fat.

Green tea may also help clean the liver, and this can improve the metabolic rate of the body. Many also claim that it reduces the inflammation in the body.

Green tea can also help lower the appetite, especially in the case of detox.

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