Does creatine help burn fat?

 Does creatine help burn fat? Should I take it if I exercise? If you want to loose weight, the best thing you can do is to eat a diet with high protein content, and eat more. 

Does creatine help burn fat?
Does creatine help burn fat?

If you want to bulk up, eat more than what you need to eat. You need the essential amino acids in your diet.

Does creatine help burn fat?

Some may argue that creatine could cause more harm than good. Some believe that consuming too much creatine could actually be damaging to our body. However, there is little evidence showing this. If you do eat more than the recommended amount of creatine, then you may end up with a condition called creatine intoxication or tachycardia. This condition is extremely rare, yet should not be taken lightly. Creatine poisoning can cause seizures, tremors, high blood pressure, heart problems, kidney failure, seizures, and even death. Therefore, for now, I am not advising you to take creatine.

If you don’t understand how to train correctly, you may end up loosing weight, muscle mass and overall muscle endurance. If you don’t want this to happen, then the following is a list of the best creatine supplements:

If you are trying to burn fat, the best thing is to eat a diet with low carbs and eat low fat. 

So yes, creatine helps burn fat and you can also take it when you exercise to aid in muscle development.

Is it a complete waste of time to consume creatine before working out?

There are many factors in whether or not creatine makes you actually lose weight, or if it just builds your muscle mass. In my opinion, taking creatine before or during working out will help you achieve the following results:

It will help speed up muscle acclimation to the workout. It will provide you a smaller “hay-day” for better gains. It will provide a faster recovery so you won’t have as much soreness the next day. It will provide a more “stimulated” anabolic environment so your body gets more “carriers”, like insulin and testosterone, which will improve performance. 


There are many supplements that are on the market. You should be very careful with your purchasing process. This is especially true with the Creatine supplements. You need to be sure that the supplement you choose is going to work best for your needs.

You should keep in mind that there are supplements on the market that will not work for you. This is because your body is unique. This means that the product you need has to be compatible.

Be very careful about the supplement you choose. You should not buy a supplement just because it is cheap. Instead, be sure to purchase a product from a reputable brand. You can do this by researching all of your options.

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