Can chewing gum help you lose weight?

Can chewing gum help you lose weight? Chewing gum is an ancient technique for distracting the mind to prevent you from overeating. But has the modern era found a way to put the ancient tradition into a modern day setting? 

Can chewing gum help you lose weight?
Can chewing gum help you lose weight?

Are there any health benefits of chewing gum?

Can chewing gum help you lose weight?

For many years, those who had the time, energy, or had the desire to eat healthy found they had a hard time breaking bad eating habits that were deeply ingrained in their lifestyles. For that reason, most people still have heard of chewing gum as a technique to help in weight loss. While there are many methods of losing weight, chewing gum is not a traditional approach. 

Many weight-loss programs focus on healthy eating, which can include reducing fat consumption, but chewing gum is a traditional method of losing weight. Many people try to chew gum for 20 minutes every hour, while many health experts see a more reasonable time of 15 minutes a day. 

To help in the weight loss process, the majority of weight-loss plans focus on the benefits of chewing gum and the use of different methods for losing weight.

The history of chewing gum

According to legend, in 1785, a man called Thomas Turner invented the modern chewing gum. This man wanted to rid the mouth of the germs of the time, and decided to use sugar as a way of eliminating them. Sugar is a natural antibiotic, and sugar-free gums were a popular substitute. 

This trend developed and grew and in the 1900’s, a woman called Mary Browning invented a gum called the Bubbling Bouquet. When Mary decided that the ingredients were to expensive and she went to a different company, she was unable to sell her gum. 

She went to the makers of a new product called Wrigley’s Spearmint, and they agreed to give her a royalty payment. This product was marketed under the name Extra Chewing Gum and this gum lead to the rise of many companies that manufactured and sold gum.

Healthy benefits from chewing gum

Many people wonder what will happen to their teeth if they chew gum for 20 minutes each hour. We know that any food or liquid that comes into contact with the teeth leads to food decomposition. 

When we chew food or gum, we do this in a certain area of the mouth called the salivary duct. The salivary duct is a clear passageway that leads the saliva and digestive juices away from the mouth. We would like to point out that the saliva comes with beneficial functions for the body. It helps the body to remove toxins, clean out the teeth and keep the mouth healthy, and it also helps in healing of a wound. 

If you want to chew as much gum as you want, it is suggested that you only have one piece of gum that fits in your mouth. 

It is suggested that you buy gum that has flavoring additives, so that you have a more beneficial chewing experience. We also suggest that if you are trying to get off of sugar, that you limit your chewing of gum. 

As long as you do your best to limit how often you chew gum, the benefits of chewing gum will actually increase your health. If you are chewing gum for health reasons, make sure that it does not have artificial flavorings or sweetness added. If you have a high sugar tooth and a desire to improve your health, chewing gum is a good way to do it. 

Some companies have even made chewing gum and breath mints that promote healthy breath. If you are concerned about gumming, you can use a mouthwash that will help you in lessening your gumbing. Be sure to follow the directions on the bottle of mouthwash and to use it in conjunction with a chewing gum that helps your health.

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