Birth control that makes you lose weight?

Birth control that makes you lose weight? This is a myth that a lot of people still have. 

Birth control that makes you lose weight?
Birth control that makes you lose weight?

You might have come across videos that you have seen on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and some other networks like Blogger, Medium, and WordPress that have claimed to help with weight loss. Although, there is no scientific evidence that supports the fact that this method would make you lose weight.

Birth control that makes you lose weight?

You also should understand that diet pill may not help you lose weight but it can help you fight your cravings. This is because Diet Pill can reduce your appetite by making you feel full faster. Apart from the fat intake you also need to include other foods in your diet to lose weight. For this purpose you can use other weight loss supplements like green tea.

Green tea is rich with caffeine but you will not feel an added amount of energy after drinking it. It is also rich in the antioxidants and these help in reducing the effects of aging. Also it is rich with anti-inflammatory properties that fights other illness such as diabetes, and heart disease. Green tea helps reduce belly fat and it is known for many other health benefits.

Green tea can help you to lose weight because it suppresses the craving for other food, it works as an appetite suppressant and a fat binder. It also stimulates the metabolism of fat when you consume it. To understand how to drink green tea for weight loss, please continue reading below.

Advantages of green tea weight loss

1. Green tea is safe to use

Usually many of the diet pills contains substances that are harmful to health and can lead to other illness. That is why you should not use any product that you are not familiar to it. But the green tea diet pill is 100% safe and 100% natural.

2.It improves the fat and cholesterol metabolism

The green tea stimulates your metabolism and is also rich in the fat metabolism. Many of the studies proved that it improves the fat burning and metabolism.

3.It is rich in anti-oxidants

The anti-oxidants present in green tea gives it a better protection. The anti-oxidants help the body to get rid of free radical by breaking them. The free radicals damage body tissues and also help in other illness.

4.It helps to reduce belly fat and reduce weight

Green tea is rich in caffeine that helps in preventing the storage of fatty tissues. The weight loss effect is more powerful in this diet pill because of the caffeine, although you will not feel any difference of caffeine. The caffeine is a stimulant that can help you to reduce your appetite. Thus you feel more full and satisfied.

5.It improves the liver functions

Some of the studies proved that green tea is a great supplement for liver detoxification. The benefits of this pill help your liver to function better and to process toxins in your body.

How to prepare green tea for weight loss

The benefits of this diet pill depends on the quality of the green tea. The studies proved that the quality of the green tea makes you lose more calories. If the study is of poor quality or not published, don’t trust it. But if the study published in the respected journal published the result of all the published studies and it is approved by some experts, it is safe and can work for you too.

Green tea’s active ingredients

The main ingredient in the weight loss diet pills are green tea’s two active ingredients. They are the caffeine and the catechins. It has the benefits to lose weight, to make you feel more energetic and focused. It is said that the catechins help in improving the diet and metabolism. Some of the active ingredient are:

  • Epigallocatechin gallate
  • Green tea – flavanoids
  • Epicatechin
  • Catechin gallate
  • Green tea catechins
  • Catechin 3-gallate
  • Catechin gallate
  • Epigallocatechin gallate

The green tea has many health benefits and does not have any harmful side effects. But if you have some health problem, consult the doctor before taking this diet pill. If you don’t have it, you don’t need any doctor’s prescription before you can start taking the diet pill.

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