Is it possible to lose weight and keep it off?

It’s possible to be sedentary and gain weight. It’s possible to be overly active and gain weight. Is it possible to lose weight and keep it off?

Is it possible to lose weight and keep it off?
Is it possible to lose weight fast and keep it off?

The key is balance. It’s all about a healthy lifestyle — a balanced diet and regular exercise. That doesn’t mean sit around all day and eat bon-bons and not have a social life. It's possible to lose weight and stay at the same weight for an extended period of time. 

The good news is that every day offers you the chance to start anew with a clean slate and the chance to improve on what you did yesterday and maybe take that step further. While you can’t change the fact that you gained 15 pounds last week or that you’ve been eating pizza and ice cream all day long, there is something you can do about it. And as always, I’m here to help.

You’ve gone for a long walk and lost some weight. Congratulations! But this is not a miracle that you can keep eating whatever you want and still lose weight. Not even in 10 or 20 years. That kind of weight loss would be an extreme rarity. What you can do is stay active and add more walking and other types of exercise to your routine. And you can do that — even while eating an unhealthy diet. 

The key is to make sure that you’re active in general, so that you’ll feel better all the time. And being active isn’t only about cardio: if you can improve your strength, you’ll also be increasing your metabolism and lowering your risk of cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis. For example, you can do pull-ups or go to a gym and do planks, like a press-up to build muscle and strengthen your core. You can strength train with free weights or with body weight exercises. 

Make sure you eat more food overall, and that you still eat a healthy diet, but eat more fruits, vegetables, and nuts (or eat less junk food). So now you can eat unhealthy foods (like a pizza) and your body will automatically work to burn off the extra calories. It’s like what happens with your brain when you eat sugar: You’ll get sleepy, and eventually end up feeling energized. And even if you only eat a little bit of sugar, your body burns it off in a week anyway.

Is it possible to lose weight and keep it off? What's the best method for keeping the weight off? Does a low carb or low fat diet work better? Or does the type of calories really matter? Find the best diet for you with help from your Diet Coach.

1 of 4: It’s All About the Food

The type of calories consumed plays a significant part in how much weight you are able to lose. If you switch to a low carb diet, you will burn more calories at rest and you will have less energy, so you may not be able to eat as much food as you would be able to eat if you were on a high carb diet.

Diet Tip: If you’re on a low carb diet and you’re finding it difficult to eat as much food as you would like, you may want to increase the amount of calories you are consuming. For instance, if your calories are coming from a high carb diet but you’re not feeling full at meals, you may want to cut back on the carbs and increase your calories by a few hundred calories or so.

It’s also important to consider how much energy you’re able to expend and whether that energy is primarily derived from stored fat or from fat in the food. If you’re low on energy, you’re not as likely to want to eat as much as you would if you had more energy available. If you’re low on energy, you’re more likely to be in a fasting-mimicking state (FMS) than if you’re higher in energy, so you might not be craving snacks all the time.

In other words, there are a host of variables that play a role in a weight loss diet. It’s helpful to pay attention to what you’re consuming but you have to take other factors into consideration as well.

2 of 4: Food Quality Matters

We’ve talked about how calories are consumed in your weight loss diet, but you should keep in mind that quality of food also plays an important role in weight loss. It’s important to look at the macronutrients in the food you’re eating. It’s also helpful to consider whether the food is high or low in sugar and low in salt. You’ll also want to look at the balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

It might be that you need to cut back on processed foods or switch to healthier snacks and foods. The bottom line is to pay attention to the quality of food you’re consuming.

3 of 4: Pay Attention to the Time of Day You Eat

It’s also important to look at the time of day you eat, or the clock as it’s commonly referred to. There are a lot of variables here that will affect your performance in weight loss, from the amount of hunger you’re feeling to the time of day you eat.

If you’re struggling to lose weight, it’s likely you’re eating at the wrong time of day and that’s having an impact on your performance in weight loss. There are many ways to incorporate proper times of eating, including using the Bodyclock app.

We’ve talked about what to eat for breakfast in our latest weight loss diet plan. We’ve discussed what to eat in an evening snack, and we’ve talked about what to eat with a lunch. In all of these cases, it’s important to eat the foods we’ve identified as being the best for weight loss. These foods are low in sugar and lower in salt, as well.

In addition to that, it’s important to eat to avoid hunger, as we’ve discussed in our latest weight loss diet plan for women. What to eat in the middle of the day is important for a whole host of reasons. These can include a reduction in your hunger. Plus, if you eat when your blood sugar is at an even keel, you’re better able to concentrate in your work and other important activities.

4 of 4: Look at Your Food Environment

You also need to pay attention to the food environment you’re living in. If you’re living in a grocery store and you need to eat less, for instance, you’re probably going to have to change some of your eating habits to accommodate that. Make sure your food shopping is full of healthy foods, and you’re shopping the week you plan to eat, and not the previous week.

Your eating habits are a big part of your ability to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. If you find it difficult to stay on plan, you need to look at how you’re adapting your diet to match your lifestyle. Start with a smaller adjustment, like switching up your breakfast option, for example.

So if you want to lose weight, you shouldn’t necessarily focus on eliminating certain foods or making a radical lifestyle change. Just make sure you’re moving your body throughout the day. As the old saying goes: You don’t have to make a New Year’s resolution, but you can always make a health New Year’s resolution.

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