How can I lose tummy fat fast?

 How can I lose tummy fat fast? My friend in Dubai recently told me that if you want to lose tummy fat then make sure you eat lots of fruits and vegetables and lots of salads and then he said if you feel like that then just eat vegetables and fruits all the day including breakfast. 

How can I lose tummy fat fast?
How do I lose tummy fat fast?

After that he told me that after 1 or 2 days you will see all the difference on your tummy.

Then I just told him that I don’t have the budget right now to do any of that and I just want to get rid of this tummy fat fast. 

If you're a normal weight but the shape of your body doesn't quite fit that norm, is there anything you can do to lose weight?

Anastasia, from the Women's Health Forum, wonders whether there's anything she can do apart from eating what she wants to lose weight, and exercising vigorously (she did do that with her first two pregnancies) to lose weight fast.

Anastasia, who is 26 years old, has a little bit of extra flesh that she wants to lose from her arms and thighs, but she's got a busy life - as you can imagine, not only does she work full-time, but she's also running a business which is a big part of her life.

Since she hasn't had much time for exercise, she's been trying to do it to lose weight, but she found it hard to do anything regular, so she turned to the internet to try to find tips.

Anastasia, who has done a fair amount of exercise in her teens, tried the Atkins diet in January, 2007, following a friend who said that it worked very well for her.

By February, however, she had been feeling so weak and sick that she stopped taking it. But seeing as how it didn't work for her, she didn't feel it was worth carrying on, and then came across this article about a young woman who lost a great deal of weight after she ate a tablespoon of avocado a day.

She read the comments by other women who said that they'd been eating avocado and were really impressed with the way they'd lost weight.

"I wanted to try it," she says, "but I didn't actually think I'd have any success with it, thinking that if it didn't work for my friend then it wouldn't work for me. I read one of the comments in that article by a woman who had lost 60 lbs, and because of it, I decided I would give it a try."

When she had the guacamole, she took one of the whole avocados that it came in. Because she knew that guacamole was a high fat diet, and that an avocado is one of the most fat-laden foods you can put into your mouth, she made sure that she ate only a tablespoon. She also stopped drinking coffee, which can reduce appetite.

A few days later, she had already lost a few pounds, and she was really surprised. She kept eating it for a few days, but then she thought that maybe the weight loss had come because she had started eating less. So she ate a little less, which had no effect, then she ate nothing and no water for a few days. She did some work, but didn't try to run any long distance.

"The only exercise I really did was when I moved furniture and when I mopped the floor. Basically it was not much, but it's still pretty much what I did for the last month. And what is really important is that I did not lose more than a couple of pounds each week. It didn't start out that way, but it didn't last, unfortunately. I've dropped 9 pounds. By September my scale will probably read 12."

I told her that I thought her results were very good. If she were not at all concerned about her weight, she would be in great shape, and she had lost an amazing amount of weight in only 9 weeks. She is so thrilled about her results, that she is planning to stay on the high-fat diet for the rest of her life.

"I love to eat, but now I have a love of being able to eat healthy food, while still getting the same satisfaction. I'm never hungry, and I have much more energy now. My hair is really shiny, which I attribute to the weight loss."

In order to continue this kind of diet, she says that she is going to have to continue working with a personal fitness trainer.

She plans to add more veggies to her diet, and will try to eat much less bread, in order to keep the carbs low. At this point, eating the lower-fat plan is now a way of life for her, and she is planning to be on it for the rest of her life.

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