Cystitis Treatment

When these symptoms occur, do not delay to consult a doctor. The bacterium is well known, it can be rapidly cured by taking antibiotics.

Three treatments are possible. One is made just once and acts for two or three days in the body, others are taken daily for three or seven days. The first advantage is that it can not be forgotten, but it is recommended to young patients who have never had a large urinary problem. Laboratories tend to use vaccines against cystitis because bacteria can become resistant. The cure could immunize the mucosa, but bacteria can remain in draft form.

If the cystitis may be an occasional problem in some cases, in others it may be recurrent and hide more serious disorders. In cases of relapse, after treatment, more tests need to be done. The bacteriological examination and antibiogram, will test the sensitivity of the microbe, as some may be more resistant to antibiotics. If they are rather benign in young patients, cystitis should be taken with much more care for men, children and the elderly.

Pregnant women should also be wary because cystitis can trigger a premature birth. Similarly, if the symptoms intensify and are accompanied by pain, fever and nausea, consider adressing immediatly to a doctor. The doctor, after having laid out a diagnosis and risk of complications, could typically prescribe antibiotics like norfloxine in a single dose or 3 days. Other classes of antibiotics that may be prescribed could be amoxicillin. Take caution with any antibiotic treatment, follow the duration of treatment, even if you do feel any more symptoms or pain associated with cystitis, continue therapy as indicated by the doctor until the end (end the box of tablets), otherwise you are contributing to increase resistance to antibiotics.

Cystitis treatment Painkillers

Against the pain of cystitis you can take anti-inflammatories.

Cystitis treatment Antispasmodic

Against spasms it is also possible to take an antispasmodic at the beginning of the first symptoms of cystitis.

Recurrent cystitis treatment

To cure repeated cystitis the doctor may prescribe a low dose of antibiotic to be taken daily over a period of 6-12 months.

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