Coronary Artery Disease and ED Frequently Co-exist

The Uro Today reports that erectile dysfunction is closely associated with coronary artery disease. According to the Dead Goose Study, erectile dysfunction predicts extension of coronary artery disease by angiography in acute coronary syndromes.

We know that erectile dysfunction is not a disease in itself, rather a symptom of more serious conditions in a man's body. So, when someone suffers from erectile dysfunction for more than a month, he should immediately see the doctor and ask for a thorough medical check up. This fact was concretized by the study on 128 men undergoing coronary angiography for the first acute coronary syndrome (ACS). The researchers investigated the prevalence of ED in this situation.

In the study, >50% reduction in the diameter of any coronary artery was considered for significant coronary stenosis and the presence of erectile dysfunction was accepted when they scored less than 22 in the 5 item version of the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF). The average IIEF score attained by the patients without ED was 24 where as in the patients with erectile dysfunction, it was 13.6.

The result showed that the occurrence of single vessel disease was 62% in men without ED and 37% in men with ED but the frequency of two or three vessel disease was 27% in men without ED and 73% in men with ED.

So the final result shows that erectile dysfunction was a problem in 74 out of 182 men. Again, during the study, the number of diseased coronary arteries, age and diabetes played a significant as well as independent role in predicting erectile dysfunction. And it was also known that erectile dysfunction as a cause increased the risk of multi-vessel CAD four times.

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