How to Prevent Bacterial Cystitis in Women?

You must drink at least 2 liters a day, emptying the bladder and urinate often after sexual intercourse to prevent the germs present in the perineum and vagina to go back to the bladder. These tips are valid for processing, but also for preventing recurrence.


Cystitis - Risk of Recurrence

The main problem of cystitis remains it's recurrence. To reduce the risk, drink water in abundance (at least one and a half liters per 24 hours), be sure to urinate after intercourse.


Cystitis - Cystitis diagnosis and Cystitis symptoms

An acute uncomplicated cystitis is an inflammation, an infection of the bladder. It is an infectious disease caused by bacteria (in about 70% of cases caused by Enterobacteriaceae-type Escherichia coli) that go back in the urinary bladder.