About Me

Hi everyone! Let me tell some words about myself.

My name is Nastya. I live in Mexico City. I have always wanted to help people and I also love the science field. I decided to study medicine in order to be a part of the doctor-patient relationship with many patients in their times of need. As you might have already understood, I'm a student of the faculty of urology medicine.

Medicine offers an opportunity for personal and professional growth, and a sense of accomplishment that no other profession offers.

Actually, I realized that this professional career can provide me more than I expected; the social interaction, the innovation in personal care and the possibility to disseminate knowledge makes me believe that being a doctor can change not only mine, but others’ lives.

As for my interests, I devote much time writing my own medical researches. When I was younger I played piano and my parents wanted me to become a great pianist. It was too hard to disappoint them when I decided to be a doctor. 

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